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Clientele H.E.L.P. (Health Events Life Plan) is an affordable health insurance* plan from Clientele that protects you and your family from hospitalisation* costs. There is no need for paperwork, medical exams or blood tests. They offer a range of plans to suit you and your family’s needs.

H.E.L.P. Plan Benefits

– These plans start from just R265 p/m
– An annual lump sum that pays out for stays longer than 72 hours.
– Daily cash benefits that pays out when hospitalised* for more than 10 days.
– Maternity benefits are included
– Additional cover included for: Accidental death, Accidental Disability or Dread Disease
– You can cover up to 4 children at no extra cost

Non-insured Enhanced Benefits:

– 24/7 helpline with personal health advisors (nurses) to assist with health queries or health emergencies
– Trauma Counseling
– Emergency ambulance services
– HIV support

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Terms & Conditions

Life Insurance Companies

No one can live forever, that is definitely why life insurance coverage is so vital to possess. The principle reason men and women get this kind of insurance is to nonetheless care for their family life insurance companiesmembers, even when they have passed away. Be wise and tend not to join just any assurance corporation. You’ll find numerous life insurance coverage corporations that 1 can invest in. However, in order for ones specifications to become met, one requirements to become selective.

 Go and compare quotes!

Go out and evaluate the costs in the diverse life insurance companies in South Africa. This offers you the chance to pick the life cover that suits you as well as your pocket most effective, at the same time as providing for the requirements. Technology and the web tends to make it so much less difficult to do currently. A number of the services are totally free, whilst there are a few that charge you some funds. These services will help you to locate the most suitable cover which suits your finances and life-style.

The 20 and 30 year insurance coverage policies are probably the most frequent and admired. These policies are a lot cheaper than that of whole life and are renewable immediately after the term expires. If it ought to come about that you simply pass away in the offered term, the money shall be paid out to your family members.


 Things To Keep in Mind

Who’re going to be the named person of the life insurance once you die? This can be crucial simply because this person will receive your policy income when you die a single day.


There are some alternative how you may pay premiums, monthly, quarterly, biannually or twelve-monthly. This selection gives prospects additional manage over their payments.

As with any sort of insurance policy, you will find various alternatives to select from after you by a life insurance policy. With this wide solution you may have, you are able to choose on the Life Insurance South Africafinest life insurance coverage. The life insurance business has specific terms which let them to change the premiums more than some time or to repair it. There are specific positive aspects and disadvantages with these occasions.

One does not must pick one of the most costly policy offered by a provider. You ought to have a check out all the relevant benefits. Occasionally a a lot more well-known life insurer will charge far more for their policies than much less famous corporations. If there’s only one point you take from this article, it need to be this: get a policy that you can afford, but nonetheless presents everything you wish from a life insurance policy.



Here are a few aspects be aware of when choosing a policy.

  •  Pick the quantity you want your family members to obtain upon death.
  •   A life insurance coverage policy needn’t transform the life-style of either you, or your beneficiary.
  •  The face value ought to fit the wants of your household. There will have to be a balance, not too high and not too low. Do a few calculations and identify the quantity your family members will will need whenever you die a single day.


You cannot supply for the loved ones after you die. To ensure that the loved ones might be covered, one particular must settle a life insurance with maximum cover.

In conclusion, someone need to strive to conserve as a lot as he can even when paying for insurance coverage. You can conserve quite a bit inside the long run by receiving the correct cover. By gaining some expertise about life insurance, you’ll want to have the ability to pick out the best one without having any issue.



Getting Life Insurance And The Things You Have To Know Before Purchasing One

When getting a life insurance, many individuals find themselves getting perplexed instead. The reason for this is it’s hard to recognize the terms behind life insurances. Unknown to many, understanding these terms could be simple. The sole way to understand these terms with ease is by making a research about the truth and details life insurance quotes have.

Life Insurance PoliciesWithout a doubt, investing in a life cover is a serious one. Because it is a serious investment, one should think of this carefully. Basing the purchase on what other individuals would say along with what ads promises is not a great idea. The sole thing that matters is if there’s a have to get such insurance.

Whenever one dies, the life insurance she or he has could be in a position to provide the financial assistance the dependants would need. If an individual doesn’t have any dependent, then there’s no have to spend on a life insurance policy. Yes, there are various life insurances, having said that, what matters most will be the life insurance that perfectly fits a person. After all, there will be situations when financial gaps would happen, making it difficult to pay for the insurance. As a result, one must consider life insurances that offer good promises yet are affordable at the same time.

Commonly, there are certainly 2 types of life insurance quotes. The first one is life and the other is whole life. In a life policy, one could have cheaper payment rates, yet will have an expiring life insurance. Whole life policy on the flip side will last till the day the person dies. This is why this insurance policy is very expensive. In relation to monetary assistance dependents would get, the latter would obviously have more.

In relation to choosing among the 2 forms of insurance policy, the decision would be based on who are the dependents. The majority of the time, parents could opt for life insurance policies because their dependents or children will be able to live on their own when the time comes. But for people who have dependents that cannot work and earn an income, whole life insurance policy may be needed.

One has to always consider how much is actually the insurance amounting to. How long or how much financial assistance the dependents need is a vital factor also. One has to also recognize her or his ability to afford a life insurance. For this reason, choosing such insurances means making lots of computations. The fact is, in relation to the final decision, these computations will have the final say.

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Life Insurance Policies – Compare Policy Rates Here

Life Insurance Policies

The Two Types Of Life Insurance Policies

Currently there are two major types of life insurance policies.  The first one is called term life insurance.  This policy can be taken out for a certain time period (or term), this can be 5, 10, 20 or more years.  If it happens that the policy holder should pass away in this time period, the agreed amount would be paid out to the family.  The thing that you should know about this type of life insurance policy is that it doesn’t build any cash value.  In other words, if the term is over, you would receive none of the money. Many companies, however, would give you an opportunity to extend the term right before it expires.

The second type of life cover insurance policy is called the whole life insurance policy. Other than term life insurance, this policy does build cash value.  The thing about this policy is that you usually pay the premiums for the rest of your life.  When you pass away, a certain amount is paid to family or whoever you may choose.  The amount, however, can change from insurer to insurer.


Compare Quotes Of Different Life Insurance Policies

At the top of this page we will provide a short form for you to fill in your personal details.  After doing this, a consultant will call you back and discuss your options as well as the different insurance quotes therefore.  Go and compare life insurance policies now.

Life Insurance Companies – Compare Rates

Welcome to our website, here we will try to give you an idea of the wide variety of life insurance companies currently available in South Africa.  You might be familiar with some of these companies and others you might have never even heard about.  To make it easier for you, we will not tell you everything about every single one of the life insurance companies.  We rather want to make things simple for you – therefore you will find a life insurance quotation form at the top of this page.

life insurance companies

How to compare rates from different life insurance companies:

Complete the form at the top of this page with your information.  We will then go and search for the life insurance companies that suits you best according to the information you’ve entered.  After this we will make these life insurance companies available to you so you can choose the one you like most, as well as one with the most decent monthly premiums.

 So go ahead and compare life insurance companies now!

Funeral Cover Quotes: A Smooth Sail to Eternity

Dying is a natural process in life. Everyone lives and dies eventually when her time comes. Death is inevitable. The idea of dying greatly petrifies most of the people. This is the very least thing that they think would happen to them. However, this is an ugly truth. We are also subject to die in our own time. Leaving earth for an eternal repose would be so poignant for the rest of us but it pains the more to those who will be left. Indeed, the coping up process alone is not easy plus the fact that they need to give you a decent wake before you’ll finally be brought to your final resting place.

Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover

An insurance got us all covered. A funeral cover is different to that of life insurance in the sense that the latter takes care of the people who will be left after your death. A funeral cover takes care of you in your burial. When the time comes, the very least thing that you can do for yourself is to lie on a coffin. You cannot complain about not getting the right coffin. With a funeral cover, you are assured of a decent burial. Of course, you will be applying for this while you are still alive. There is over a dozen funeral covers that you can avail of. Nevertheless, you need to assess first the reliability of the company because in the long run, you won’t be able to air your complaints about not getting a proper burial. What are you lingering about? You can now get a funeral cover for yourself.

Planning about your burial may sound morbid but this is more practical than not planning anything ahead of time. There’s an immense need for you to get a funeral cover because the life insurance plan that you have may not be able to shoulder the expenses of your burial. Funeral cover is actually a new thing but this is where the insurance policies rooted from. This was created because people have realized that their fellowmen were not given a decent burial. With a good funeral cover, the luxury needs of the dead are being fulfilled.

Getting the Right Funeral Cover Quotes

Along with the ownership of a funeral cover you also take with you these funeral cover quotes. Funeral cover quotes are specific. These may entirely depend on the kind of funeral cover or plan that you take hold of. It is suggested that before you apply for any funeral cover you first review the funeral cover quotes it involves. By doing so, you are able to determine the funeral cover that you would be capable to pay for. Aside from that, you are also assured that you get just the right level of funeral cover. These days, it is even made easier for you to get funeral cover quotes. You can already get a quote by filling up an online form. Soon as you’re done completing the form you will then be automatically contacted by an insurance agent so you could discuss the type of funeral plan that you’d like to have.

One hint in choosing the right funeral cover quotes is to look for those which are tailored according to your budget and to the needs of the household. You can always consult an expert insurance broker to assist you pick the best funeral cover quotes without undermining the quality of the funeral cover. Keep in mind that you have to review funeral cover quotes because there’s no way for you to spend too much on burial costs without getting an equally good service in return. This would help you obtain the best premiums without overpaying.

>> Go and compare funeral cover quotes now <<

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Business Insurance Quotes

business insurance quotes

Ok, here’s another one of those posts that has absolutely nothing to do with Life Insurance, but I want to post it anyway to help my readers. This one is about business insurance quotes.

Recently I was looking for insurance for my business, but had a real hard time getting any quotes. Finally I found this website where I could just enter my details and within a few minutes they came back to me with some very competitive business insurance quotes. So if this is what you are looking for, your search has finally come to an end! You can just click on the image above and you will be taken to their website. Just make sure you click on the “BUSINESS INSURANCE” tab on the top of their page before completing the form. They will contact you in a short while with your quotes. That’s it, hope this article could make things a bit easier for you guys. Thanks for visiting!

Life Cover For HIV Positive People

Life Cover For HIV Positive People

There are many life insurers that don’t cover people that are HIV positive.  That is where AllLife can help you out.  AllLife is a life insurance provider that covers people that suffer from HIV or Diabetes.  To get a free quote from AllLive, just click on the image above.  They’ll ask for a few details and call you as soon as possible.

Life Cover For HIV Positive People

Life Insurance Quotes

Hi and welcome!  Firstly I want to congratulate you in making the big decision to look at different Life Insurance Quotes!  Many people don’t have an idea of how much life insurance can affect their family’s life after their death.  Life insurance will usually cover your funeral expenses and also pay your family a big amount of cash in the event of your death, making things a bit easier in their time of grief.

Take a look around, you will find links to Life Insurance Quotation forms on the right hand side of this page – use them, get quotes and decide on the best life insurance policy for you.  Good luck!

Life Insurance Quotes

Funeral Policies South Africa => Free Funeral Policy Quotes

Welcome to this site!  You are here because you are looking for different Funeral Covers in South Africa.  Well, let me tell you – you are one of the very few people who think about this issue these days.  A funeral policy will help cover any funeral expenses in the event that you may die – this can take a huge load of your family’s shoulders in their time of grief.  To get funeral policy quotes, you can look at the links on the right hand side of this page.

funeral policies south africa

Have you considered life insurance?

Most life insurance policies will also cover your funeral costs! – but what makes this a better option is the fact that your family will also be paid a large sum of money when you die.  This money will help them with other expenses, like groceries etc.  So if you haven’t considered it yet, think about it – will your family have a finacial problem the day you die?  If so, consider life insurance.

Hope you found what you were looking for today…best of luck in your search ahead for the right policy for you!

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