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Clientele H.E.L.P. (Health Events Life Plan) is an affordable health insurance* plan from Clientele that protects you and your family from hospitalisation* costs. There is no need for paperwork, medical exams or blood tests. They offer a range of plans to suit you and your family’s needs.

H.E.L.P. Plan Benefits

– These plans start from just R265 p/m
– An annual lump sum that pays out for stays longer than 72 hours.
– Daily cash benefits that pays out when hospitalised* for more than 10 days.
– Maternity benefits are included
– Additional cover included for: Accidental death, Accidental Disability or Dread Disease
– You can cover up to 4 children at no extra cost

Non-insured Enhanced Benefits:

– 24/7 helpline with personal health advisors (nurses) to assist with health queries or health emergencies
– Trauma Counseling
– Emergency ambulance services
– HIV support

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Terms & Conditions

Getting Life Insurance And The Things You Have To Know Before Purchasing One

When getting a life insurance, many individuals find themselves getting perplexed instead. The reason for this is it’s hard to recognize the terms behind life insurances. Unknown to many, understanding these terms could be simple. The sole way to understand these terms with ease is by making a research about the truth and details life insurance quotes have.

Life Insurance PoliciesWithout a doubt, investing in a life cover is a serious one. Because it is a serious investment, one should think of this carefully. Basing the purchase on what other individuals would say along with what ads promises is not a great idea. The sole thing that matters is if there’s a have to get such insurance.

Whenever one dies, the life insurance she or he has could be in a position to provide the financial assistance the dependants would need. If an individual doesn’t have any dependent, then there’s no have to spend on a life insurance policy. Yes, there are various life insurances, having said that, what matters most will be the life insurance that perfectly fits a person. After all, there will be situations when financial gaps would happen, making it difficult to pay for the insurance. As a result, one must consider life insurances that offer good promises yet are affordable at the same time.

Commonly, there are certainly 2 types of life insurance quotes. The first one is life and the other is whole life. In a life policy, one could have cheaper payment rates, yet will have an expiring life insurance. Whole life policy on the flip side will last till the day the person dies. This is why this insurance policy is very expensive. In relation to monetary assistance dependents would get, the latter would obviously have more.

In relation to choosing among the 2 forms of insurance policy, the decision would be based on who are the dependents. The majority of the time, parents could opt for life insurance policies because their dependents or children will be able to live on their own when the time comes. But for people who have dependents that cannot work and earn an income, whole life insurance policy may be needed.

One has to always consider how much is actually the insurance amounting to. How long or how much financial assistance the dependents need is a vital factor also. One has to also recognize her or his ability to afford a life insurance. For this reason, choosing such insurances means making lots of computations. The fact is, in relation to the final decision, these computations will have the final say.

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