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Life Insurance Quotes

Hi and welcome!  Firstly I want to congratulate you in making the big decision to look at different Life Insurance Quotes!  Many people don’t have an idea of how much life insurance can affect their family’s life after their death.  Life insurance will usually cover your funeral expenses and also pay your family a big amount of cash in the event of your death, making things a bit easier in their time of grief.

Take a look around, you will find links to Life Insurance Quotation forms on the right hand side of this page – use them, get quotes and decide on the best life insurance policy for you.  Good luck!

Life Insurance Quotes

Life Insurance Term

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When a term life insurance policy is taken out, a life insurance term, as it is referred to can be a time period of 1, 10, 20, 30 years.  Your life insurance policy will only be valid in that term, which means if you don’t die in that period – the policy is useless to you.  This is basically what it comes down to, but don’t be put off – this term can be lengthened  for some policies which is explained in more detail in this TERM LIFE INSURANCE article.

If you already know about life insurance terms and want to get more information from a financial adviser (at no cost of course) or get life insurance quotes – please read our LIFE INSURANCE SOUTH AFRICA article.  You can also click on the images on the right hand side of this page to visit the web pages of the different life insurance companies directly.

Online Life Insurance Quotes – Get 9 Quotes Free

Thanks to the internet, it is very easy to compare life insurance quotes online nowadays.  You probably reached this page because you already decided that you want to buy life insurance.  If not, you can read some of the other posts to see why it is so extremely important to your family that you get life insurance.



Our advice to you is to get as many life insurance quotes as possible from as many companies as you can.  When you complete your request for a quote, an agent will call you to discuss your needs.  This way you can decide what policy, or even better, what insurance company will best provide for your needs.  To start getting online life insurance quotes, click on the image above.

When money is tight it is easy to ignore the need for life insurance. What put most people off from getting life insurance is their lack of knowledge.  And, of course, discussing ones death with family and planning therefore isn’t always very easy. However, without life insurance, you can leave the people you care about with a lot of big responsibilities after your death. In the time period after ones death, there are some major expenses like funeral costs etc. which life insurance can make a lot easier to cover. Also, you partner will be responsible for any debt that needs to be paid.  There are also a lot of other expenses like housekeeping and education for ones children.


In order to decide on a life insurance policy, you must decide what your short term and long term needs are.  Things like burial costs and debt would be in the current needs category, as well as child care and mortgage payments.  Examples of future expenses would be things like college or university expenses. Also, don’t forget about taxes that may be due.


The best way to decide on the right policy for you is to shop around – get as many quotes as possible and discuss your needs with the insurance companies.  Click here, or go to our home page where you can get quotes from some of the top life insurance companies and get them to call you and discuss your needs. Remember; get this thing over with as soon as possible, you wouldn’t want to leave your family with even more stress after your death.

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