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Getting life cover quotes is one of the most important things to do when searching for life insurance.  You would not want to take out a policy and later find out you are paying double the monthly premiums that other insurers offer.  So be prepared and get your quotations by clicking on the appropriate images on the right. The link will open in a new window so feel free to look around further on our site, you may just find something useful.  One last thing – there are professionals on this topic that will help you and give you free advice, feel free to use their services to help you make the best decision. You will also see links to these services on the right.

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Life is full of unexpected things, some are good others well can be not so good. Life insurance is policy, similar to that of car insurance. In the event that something untoward was to happen to you or a loved one. The life cover would be there like a safety net to help your family cope with the grief of their loss. Family means a lot to people, so why wouldn’t you try and provide for them in the even that something was to happen to the main bread earner in the family.

Having life assurance is just one of the many things that a responsible person can do, it is quite a selfless act really. By signing the policy you are not saying that you think something bad will happen to you. It is just something that will give you peace of mind, knowing that after your gone your family will not struggle to pay the bills or suffer from any debt that you may have.

There are a lot of different policies for you purchase some of which will not suit you others will, you can get joint polices that will include you and your partner. Each policy can be tailored to suit your personal requirements, this includes the amount the pay out. It is simply just a monthly payment that you may not even notice the amount leaving your account.

There are a few different terms you may need to know before you start to shop around for a life cover policy;

Term Assurance policy

Term life cover is a policy that will pay out over a selected time period or “term”. This type of policy can be set up so that the pay out stays the same throughout the term of the policy,  it will decrease  though out the term of the policy this tends to happen as a debt is reduced such as a mortgage. It can also be designed to to keep up with the pace of inflation. Term assurance is a cheaper life cover policy in comparison to others on offer.


Premiums can be set up one of two ways, guaranteed or reviewable. A Guaranteed premiums are set at a single price that will not increase through out duration of your life insurance policy. This allows you to control your future budget. Having a guaranteed premiums are slightly more expensive than other policy that are available to you. Especially in comparison to reviewable premiums which the price can change over the duration of the life cover policy where as the guaranteed premium keeps a constant price that my turn out to be cheaper over a longer period of time.

Whole Life Policy

A whole life insurance policy unlike the the term assurance life policy does not pay out after a period of time. It is a guaranteed to pay out regardless of when the person named in the policy passes away. This life cover policy is usual set up to for leaving money behind to help with funeral costs or even in the event that inheritance tax is unreasonably high. A whole life policy has recently become more affordable and is now one of the cheaper options when you are selecting your life cover policy.

These are just a few of the many types of life insurance policies you can purchase for yourself, you can have a life policy that has designed by you and covers all the needs of your family when you are gone. One of the best decisions you can make could be selecting a life policy that will provide for those who are around you.

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