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Why Get Life Insurance Quotes?

We usually don’t want to think of our own death, but the fact of the matter is that everyone is going to face it one day. If you have a family, you would normally want to have the certainty that your family will be financially secure after your death. This is what life insurance is for.

The more you know about life insurance the better you can be prepared. First, you have to understand that there are a couple different types of life insurance. The one that will be best for you will depend on factors like your age and health condition. The two major types of life insurance policies that you should know about are term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

Life Insurance Quotes

Term Life Insurance

This type of policy only provides coverage for a certain time period and will usually cost less than permanent life insurance. Policy periods are normally divided into easy periods such as 1, 10 or 20 years. In the event you die within that specified period, the death benefit will be paid out to your beneficiaries. If you are still alive at the end the time period, you won’t be covered anymore, unless you choose to renew the policy. It is also not possible to build cash value with this type of insurance policy. Click on the link to learn more about term life insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance

With this type of life insurance one will be covered for ones whole life, although in some cases, the policy may only be valid until you reach a certain age. When you reach that age, the total value of the policy will be payable to you in cash. Because a cash value is being build with this type of insurance, money can also be withdrawn from the policy to pay for important expenses such as home improvement costs or education.

One of the other big advantages of permanent life insurance is that the cash value that you build up that is tax-deferred.

Some tips when buying life insurance:

1. Shop around for your life insurance – Get your free life insurance quotes from the companies on the right and decide which one will best suit your needs, you can do this at a website like You can also visit the LifeQuote Facebook page to get life insurance quotes in South Africa.

2. Don’t buy more coverage than you need – remember this will have a big influence on your monthly payments.

3. Buy sooner rather than later – The more time that goes by and the older an individual gets, the more expensive the policy will get.

4. Reviewing your coverage.

5. When paying monthly, one will usually pay more.

6. Don’t only rely on the life insurance offered by your employer (see tip #1), it pays to shop around because premiums can vary so widely. And thanks to the internet it’s now much easier than before – you don’t have any excuses anymore!

Final Thought.

On a final thought – life cover is not a pleasant topic to discuss or consider. It is, however, a vital part of every family’s life and the sooner you realize this, the better you can make life for your family one day. Go and compare life insurance cover while you are still in good health.

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