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Clientele Life Hospital Plan

The Clientele Life Hospital Plan is a fantastic plan from Clientele Life.  This plan is not a medical aid – it pays cash while you are in the hospital so you can take care of your family.  Clientele Life offers the following two hospital plans:

Clientele Life Hospital Plus Plan

With the standard hospital plan, Clientele will pay up to R2000 for every day you are in the hospital (for stays longer than 10 days). You’ll get paid a lump sum of up to R20,000 if you are in the hospital for more than 48 hours and you get up to R200,000 cover every year an  You can get this plan from just R110 per month. Accidental disability/death and dread disease benefits are also included.

Clientele Life Hospital Premium Plan

This plan pays you as much as R5,000 per day if you are in the hospital (only after the 2nd day) and the premiums start from just R275 a month!  This plan includes more benefits (other than the accidental disability and dread disease cover), like ICU cover, maternity cover and cash back every 60 months.

Clientele Life Hospital Plan

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